Hidden Repression: How the IMF and World Bank Sell Exploitation as Development

The IMF and World Bank were created to help countries survive financial crises and to help them develop into prosperous economic actors. But their 75-year track record shows the opposite: their loans and structural adjustment policies have plunged poor countries into impossibly large debt traps and forced the Third World to focus on producing goodsContinue reading “Hidden Repression: How the IMF and World Bank Sell Exploitation as Development”

Can Fedimints Help Bitcoin Scale To The World?

A developer and an entrepreneur hope to bring community-based custody for Bitcoin to billions of people around the world through Fedimints. Thirty three years ago, the computer scientist David Chaum launched e-cash, a new way for people to spend digital dollars without revealing their personal information…

Bitcoin: A Strategic tool for civil resistance

In this interview, Alex Gladstein joins Fadi El Salameen, Roya Al Mahboob, Meron Estefanos, and Leopoldo Lopez to discuss the importance of bitcoin as a tool to resist tyranny. Bitcoin has revolutionized the way people use, access and save money. Bitcoin’s ability to help freedom fighters resist authoritarian regimes and organize change is one ofContinue reading “Bitcoin: A Strategic tool for civil resistance”